About Us

The CSD-VI-214-Innovative Approach for Developing Social Entrepreneurship) project, prepared and presented by Aydın Young Business People's Association within the scope of Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Program-VI (CSD-VI), was deemed successful and deserved to be supported.

The 'Innovative Approach for Developing Social Entrepreneurship' project, with the partnership of various non-governmental organizations from Turkey/Aydın, Sweden/Örkelljunga and Netherlands/Amsterdam, was carried out for 15 months between April 1, 2021 and June 1, 2022. will be applied. Social entrepreneurship is entrepreneurial activities aimed at eliminating primary social problems without prioritizing material benefit and profit, and transforming systems.

There are 3 main criteria that overlap in the definitions made for the concept of Social Enterprise in the world and in Turkey.

1-Making social/environmental impact the primary goal.

2-Gaining income through commercial activity.

3-Using the surplus income for the main mission.

Our Project Partners

  • Aydın Young Business People Association
  • TR Central Finance and Contracts Unit
  • TC Aydın Governorship
  • ILA
  • Aydın Entrepreneur Women Association
  • Civil Society Dialogue
  • Social Impact and Innovative Education Association
  • !FALL
  • TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs Presidency of European Union